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Environmental policy (Swedish)

Environmental aspects are one of the cornerstones on which Binol actively bases its product development, marketing and sales – in combination, of course, with technical performance and Total Cost of Ownership.

Binol’s ambition is to help providing improved   working conditions for those employed in the metalworking and other industries, and to reduce the environmental impact of potential emissions into air, land or water.

Binol fulfils this ambition by using eco-friendly raw materials of natural origin, for which biological degradability and renewability are important key words.

The Ecocycle
This notion is part of our business concept, and is also a guiding principle for Binol’s product development and marketing operations.

From the very beginning all energy sources were renewable or – most important of all – part of the ecosystem. Examples of such energy sources are firewood, water power or the wind that operated windmills. When fire burns it produces carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is used by saplings in the photosynthesis, and once they have reached their full height these saplings are once again used as firewood. In the natural ecocycle no carbon dioxide is added by fossil sources, but what carbon dioxide there is only follows its natural path through the system.

By using nothing but raw materials from natural sources, and by processing them in a way that assures a final product which may always be recycled, reused or once again become part of the ecosystem, Binol contributes to a sustainable future.