BioSafe HO 15/32/46/68 XE

BioSafe HO XE is environmentally acceptable hydraulic oils based on specially saturated synthetic esters, produced from completely renewable sources.

BioSafe HO XE distinguishing properties are high shear stability, good lubricating properties, very good low- and high temperature properties and very good anticorrosion properties. The high technical performance and durability makes it possible for use at extended drain periods.

BioSafe HO XE is products classified as long-life hydraulic oils.

BioSafe HO XE is a range of products in four different ISO VG-grades. Right choice of grade has to be made according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and the running situation. That can be hard running conditions, when increased runningsecurity at extreme conditions is wanted, when the current product doesn’t reach the recommended drain interval, when oil change’s is time demanding or difficult to accomplish, when higher increase in durability is wanted and lower running costs.