BioSafe FO 12

BioSafe FO 12 is environmentally acceptable mould oil based on synthetic and vegetable esters. The product is both biodegradable and biologically renewable.

It is also non-toxic, which in all means that the product has a low negative impact of the environment when spilled. The product has a low smell and is not irritating to skin or eyes.

BioSafe FO 12 creates a strong oil film that causes a quick release of the concrete from the form. The film also protects the form from corrosion.

BioSafe FO 12 can be used together with many form materials, as steel, aluminium, wood, plywood and Masonite BioSafe FO 12 has a low viscosity that makes it easy to apply on the form. Apply the product with spraying device or by brushing.

Use seals and tube materials that is compatible with ester oils. Consult the supplier.

Technical Data
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