BioSafe CON W, 68

BioSafe CON is environmentally acceptable lubricants, produced from highly refined vegetable oils. The products are biodegradable and biologically renewable and do not harm the environment.

BioSafe CON is used as a lubricant for chains and conveyers within sawmills and the paper- and pulp industry.

BioSafe CON has a so-called naturally positive polarity, which is attracted by the negative polarity of steel. This results in a film of oil being attached firmly to the metal.

Good lubricating and penetrating properties, both under dry and wet conditions, give less friction and wear to the existing components.

The products have also very good corrosion protection.

Due to superior lubricating performance, oil consumption can often be reduced without any risk for increasing wear, if compared to mineral oils.

At cold temperatures BioSafe CON W is recommended. At other temperatures BioSafe CON 68 can be used.

Technical Data
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