BioSafe BONT

BioSafe BONT is an environmentally acceptable oil, used in sawmills for cooling, cleaning and lubricating purposes of saws. The product is produced from vegetablebased synthetic esters, is biodegradable and does not harm the environment. It does not either contribute to any environmental problems to the sawdust, when using it as a raw material for other purposes.

BioSafe BONT is a more fireproof and user-friendly alternative to diesel, or other petroleum-based products. It has not an irritating odour and does not contain carcinogenic or other compounds bad to health.

BioSafe BONT is cost effective and will give up to 75% less oil consumption compared to diesel.

BioSafe BONT and its naturally polarity makes the product stick better to metal surfaces then other non polar products.

This means lower friction and better lubricating and cooling behaviour that increases the cutting life and grinding intervals for saw-bands. The product protects from corrosion and will not form together with sawdust any deposits that interfere with the function of the saws.

Technical Data
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