About Binol® Biolubricants

Binol Biolubricants develops, produces and markets environmentally acceptable lubricants. The business started back in 1975 when the first products for the metal working industry were launched. Now Binol Biolubricants is part of Quaker Chemical, a leading global provider of process fluids to a wide range of industries.
The business is represented by two companies, Binol AB and Binol BioSafe Oy, located in Karlshamn/Sweden and Raisio/Finland respectively.

Binol Biolubricants is serving mainly the following industries:
» Metal Working Industry
» Forestry- & Construction Industry
» Sawmill Industry
» Other Areas (products for cooling- and heating transfer applications,
greases for lubrication of studs and ball runners, processing oils and for
agricultural purposes)


The mission of Binol Biolubricants is to develop, manufacture and market lubricants based on renewable resources. These activities shall always be carried out in an environmentally responsible manner and with a focus on the metalworking, forestry and construction industries.


Binol Biolubricants conducts independent research and development in the segment of “environmentally responsible technical oils”.

The unique R&D expertise is an important asset for all business projects and a strong factor behind the success of the company.

Approximately 25% of the resources are allocated to R&D operations.


The production within Binol Biolubricants is based on a broad spectrum of biologically renewable raw material transformed to a high class ready made products